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November 20, 2012
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"Shut the fuck up, [Name]!" A dark haired man with a bat yelled.
"You shut the fuck up, Al! Don't you dare tell [Name] to shut up!" A blonde haired man with shades and a long curl yelled back.
"No one wants to fuckin' hear her sing!"
"I do~ Would anyone like a cupcake~?" A man with pink hair asked.
"You shut the fuck up too, Artie!"
"U-um...You guys?" The girl whose name was [Name] tried to speak up.
"Shut the fuck up [Name]!" They both yelled.
"This is a man's battle!"
"What part of you is manly!?"
"I'm gonna kill you, Mattie!"
The dark haired man, known as Al, swung his bat towards the blonde haired man, known as Mattie.
Mattie ducked, which caused it to hit Artie, the man with the pink hair.
"Al! You messed up my face! And my cupcakes!" Artie yelled.
"It wasn't like anyone was going to eat them." He blankly stated.
They continued to yell back and forth.
"I'm just going to leave then, if any of you are listening."
Which no one was.
"B-bye guys. See you later." She said as she walked out of the door.
'I don't know why I'm friends with them. They're really mean towards me...Maybe I should find some new friends....' [Name] thought on her way home.

*_*_*_*_*THE NEXT MORNING*_*_*_*_*

[Name] woke up and did everything she does on a regular morning before going out to work.
As she was walking she started to sing.
Some people stopped as she walked by to hear her sing.
[Name] had a beautiful voice, but since Al always put her down, or told her to shut up, she didn't think that she had one.
She stood at the bus stop, like many others, and waited for the bus.
She started singing again causing everyone at the bus stop to stop what they were doing and listen to her.
After she was finished everyone started clapping.
This startled her, because she didn't know she was singing loud enough for anyone to hear.
She said a quick 'thank you' before turning back around with slightly red cheeks.
"What the hell are you blushing for?" A familiar voice asked.
[Name] looked up and saw Mattie looking down at her.
She blushed even redder.
"A-ah. B-because I was singing a-and everyone heard me. So I w-was emberassed."
Mattie nodded and looked away from her.
She sighed in relief as she tried to calm herself down.

When the bus finally pulled up Mattie was the first to get on.
You, being as ditzy as you are, got on last.
You couldn't find anywhere to sit, you were about to stand up the whole way.
"[Name]! Get your dumb ass over here and sit next to me." Mattie called out.
You hurried over to him so that he wouldn't yell anymore.
"T-Thank you, Mattie." You said.
He looked at you then back to the window.
"Whatever." He simply stated.
After about 15 minutes you finally made it to your job.
Before you got off you waved good-bye to Mattie.
"I'll see you later, Matiie."
He nodded his head and said, "Yeah. See you later."
You stepped off the bus and watched it pull off before going into your work building.


You walked out of your work building after a long day of work.
You went to the bus stop.
"Today was a really hard day." You said out loud.
"For you too?"
You turned and saw a man a couple years older than you.
"Mhm. Your day was hard as well?" You asked.
"Was it? I could go on about it. But it looks like your bus is coming."
You turned and saw the bus.
"Oh! Excuse me, but could I ask you for your name?" You asked.
"Of course. It's Tony. Now may I know your name?"
"My name's [Name]. It was very nice to meet you, Mr. Tony."
He chuckled and ruffled your hair.
"You don't have to call me Mr. Tony. Tony is just fine."
"T-Tony. Tony!"
"There you go."
You laughed but it was cut short as you felt someone grab your arm and start dragging you.
You turned your head a little and saw Mattie pulling you towards the bus.
You turned back around and waved at Tony.
"Bye Tony. I'll see you later!" You yelled.
"Good-bye!" He called out, waving back at you.
When you got on the bus Mattie literally threw you onto a seat.
"H-Hey! Mattie why did you do that?"
He turned and glared at you, causing you to back up on the window some.
He sighed then turned his head away from you.
"Who was that?" He mumbled.
"I said who was that!?" He yelled.
You flinched and tried to back up some more.
"H-His n-name is T-Tony. I-I just m-met him t-today." You stuttered out.
Mattie looked at you.
"Don't talk to him. He looks like a rival." He said, mumbling the last part.
"A rival? A rival for what?" You asked.
He looked at you then pushed his hand in your face.
"Shut up, [Name]. I didn't say anything about a rival."
You started laughing.
"I can't see you, Mattie!"
He bopped you on the head.
"Of course you can't, you idiot!"
You started laughing again.
You stopped laughing and looked at him.
"Yeah? What is it?"
"....You know..."
"Hm? I couldn't here the last part, Mattie."
"Mattie, I can't hear you."
"I SAID YOU KNOW YOU'RE MINE RIGHT!?" He yelled then suddenly covered his mouth when everyone on the bus turned to look at him.
Everyone on the bus was aaw'ing.
You smiled at him.
He looked through the slits of his fingers down at you.
"Yeah, Mattie. I know."
Request for :iconkeikasate:

Hope you like it~

P.S. I hope I did 2p!Canada right.
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