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November 14, 2012
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"Alright, class. Today we are reading in-"
"-our books. So turn to page-"
"-314 and begin reading the fourth-"
"paragraph. Then write a sum-"
The teacher slammed her hands down on her desk.
"Miss [L/n]! If you do not wish to pay attention in my class, you should just leave. You can easily go to the principal's office!" She yelled.
"I could eabily go do da durse's office, doo." You replied as you sniffed.
The teacher's ees softened as she saw your red face and slightly runny nose.
"Miss [L/n], if you could tone it down that would be nice."
"Des, ma'am." You said as you sniffed again.
On side of you sat your best friend/crush Alfred Jones, who was looking at you with concern.
"Are you okay, [Nickname]?" He asked.
You looked over at him and smiled as ou started coughing.
"Y-yeah. I'b fine." You answered.
"I hope you are..." He mumbled.


Mr. Starks looked at you.
"Miss [L/n], would you like to go to the nurse's office?" He asked.
"No dir, Mider. Stark. I'b perfectly fine."
He watched you for a few seconds before sighing and turning back around to the board.
"Alright, Miss [L/n]. But if you feel like you are getting worse do not hesitate to tell me."
"You bon't have ta worreys bouts meh" You dizzily replied.
Alfred stared at you full of worry and concern (again).
"I worry for you sometimes, [Name]..." He whispered
"Bhat bas dat, Albie?" You asked.
He sighed and looked back towards the teacher.
"Nothing, [Name]. Nothing at all."
You sniffed and raised our hand.
"Exbuse meh, Mider. Stark? Can I get a dissue?" You asked.
"Of course you can."
You stood up and walked towards Mr. Stark's desk.
The room started spinning as you were walking.
You quickly took a hold of his desk to steady yourself.
"Is everything alright?" He asked.
You blinked a couple of times so your vision could clear.
As soon as it did you grabbed a tissue and smiled to Mr. Stark.
"Eberythings peachy keen, Mider. Stark." You said as you walked back to your desk.
Alfred watched you and saw the look in your eyes.
"[Name], you should be careful..." He whispered.


"Class, today we are going to be answering the questions from last nite's homework. When I call our name I want you to put the answer to the question by the number." Ms. Tiney said.
"Okay first up, Alfred Jones. Answer number one. 4x+20+x-40=180. Show your work."
Alfred walked up to the board and looked at it for a few seconds before he started writing.
When he got finished he stepped back.
"Alfred." Ms. Tiney said his name in a dissaproving tone.
"That is absolutely not the answer." She sighed out as she rubbed the bridge of her nose while the class laughed.
"But it's so true!" He whined.
"Alfred, even if it is true, as you say it is, it has nothing to do with math." She said as she looked at the board again.
'1. I am the hero so I don't need to learn math because it totally suxs like Iggy's scones!'
"Please have a seat Mr. Jones."
Alfred walked back to his desk mumbling.
"Alright. Hm...Ms. [L/n], why don't you come up and answer number one instead?"
You nodded your head.
"Des, ma'am."
Alfred stopped mumbling and started paying attention to you.
You walked up to the board and under what Alfred wrote you wrote your answer.
Ms. Toney sighed and rubbed her face this time.
"That is incorrect. Please sit down Ms. [L/n]." She said.
'1. I am the hero so I don't need to learn math because it suxs like Iggy's scones!
   I am the hero's sidekick and I agree with what he says!'
"Why my class?" Ms. Toney mumbled.
You looked towards Alfred and saw him laughing.
As you walked back to your desk the room started spinning again.
You felt like you were falling as darkness fell over you, but before it consumed you, you heard someone yell your name.


You woke up and tried to refocus your vision.
You looked around and saw that you were in the nurse's office.
You coughed as someone ran to the bed you were laying on.
You looked up and saw Alfred.
"Hey, Albie. Bhat's up?" You asked hoarsely.
"Oh, nothing. Just that my best friend passed out from her 102.5 fever!"
You winced when you heard him.
"Dat high?" You asked.
"Yes it was that high! It shouldn't never have gotten that high!" He yelled.
"I'b albight, there bas nothing do worrey bouts." You said as you looked down at your lap.
"What the hell!! Why was it nothing to worry about!?"
You smiled and looked up at him.
"Because I dew by hero bould be there for meh."
His face softened as you said that.
"I-I'm your hero?" He asked.
"Dotally. Albays have been, albays will be."
Alfred sat next to you on the bed and hugged you.
"I just don't know what to dow with you sometimes, [Name]."
"Dou could lahv meh." You chuckled out.
"I already do." He said as he leaned closer to you.
"Vait! I'b sick, Albie. Dou're gonna get sick, doo if we diss. " You said as you held your hand to his mouth.
He moved it and leaned closer again.
"I don't care." He said as he kissed you,


"Ha! Dude, I so totally told you so!" You yelled happily as you sat in Alfred's room with him.
"Deah, deah you told meh babe." He said as he sniffed.
"You wanna know what the perk is of being sick, Alfie?"
"Vhat  is it?" He asked.
"I'm so gonna be your nurse. Like the whole time your sick!"
"Baybe I should get sick bore often." He mumbled as he watched you prance around in a nurse's outfit.
Request for :iconbigsisireland:

Hope ya like it~
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BlackRaven7372 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Student General Artist
When I'm sick I have a asthma type cough that sounds like a whooping cough. 
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I'M IN A NURSES OUTFIT!? welp, enjoy while it lasts Alfie! *starts dancing as LMFAO comes in singing I'm sexy and I know it*

Alfred: Shocked O.O Luan Legacy  :bwah: Shock - emoticon projectshocked :shocked: (so many faces)
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