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November 7, 2012
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"Where is he?" You asked yourself aloud.
You looked at your watch then sighed.
"He's never been late before...."
You were waiting for your best friend Matthew Williams.
You and he planned to go to the zoo today. But he was late!
Not just five minutes late, nooo he was an hour late!
It's a wonder why you stayed so long.
You were about to leave but then heard someone yell your name, well......more like whispered.
You turned around and saw Matthew running to you.
He stopped in front of you and doubled over breathing heavy.
"I-I'm....sorry [Name]....Alfred...Alfred he....thought my glasses," He swallowed then stood up to finish.
"He thought my glasses were his, so I had to convince him that they weren't and help him find his."
He looked at you.
"I-I really am sorry, [Name]."
You smiled at him.
'He's so sweet.' You thought.
"It's okay Mattie. Come on let's go now!" You grabbed his hand and started running.
"A-ah. Wait [N-Name], I just finished running... I'm still tired!" He 'tried' to yell.
"A little exercise never hurt anyone!" You yelled.
He got quieter (if that's possible) and studied your face.
Your gorgeous [e/c] eyes, your beautiful [h/l], [h/c] hair, your perfect [s/c] complexion, he knew it all.........he loved it all.....
But he could never tell you because he thinks you love his brother.
'Why would she love me anyway? Alfred's cooler, throws parties, stronger, and what's good about me? Nothing. She'll never see me as more than a friend. But as long as in by her side....I guess that's good enough for me.' He thought to himself.
"We're here!" You yelled happily.
Matthew smiled and nodded his head.
"Whaddaya want to do first?" You ask him.
"Um...Y-you can pick, [Name]."
"Okay then~ Let's........Go to the tigers!"
Matthew nodded.

"Uwah~ Look at the tigers, Mattie!"
"Yeah. You must really like tigers, [Name]."
"I do! They're so strong and look so cuddly, but scary at the same time!"
Matthew sweatdropped.
"So where do you want to go now?" He asked.
"It's your turn to pick now."
"Oh. Um..I-I'm kind of hungry, can we go get something to eat now?"
You hummed and looked at the time.
"Yeah. It's about lunch time. What did you have in mind?"
"How about we just walk until we find something that we like?"
"That sounds good! Great idea, Mattie!" You said patting him on the head.
He blushed and smiled.
"T-thank you, [N-Name]."
"It's fine! It's fine!" You said laughing.
"That was delicious, don't you think?"
You ask Matthew as you rub your stomach.
"I still don't see why that guy had to hold you by your waist." Matthew muttered.
"You know, me neither."
You both look at each other silently for a few seconds before you came to your conclusion.
"People are weird..." You both said in unison.
You started laughing while Matthew smiled at you.
"Okay. Now that that's over, where do you want to go?" You asked.
He thought about it for a second.
"C-can we go see the bears now?"
You smiled.
'Typical Mattie.'
"Sure~ Let's head over there now."
You and him walk side by side to the bear exhibit.
You pass by couples holding hands and both had the same thought.
'I wish we could be like that...'
You both looked up at each other at the same time, then quickly turned your heads away blushing.
You made it to the exhibit and you gawked at the bears the whole time.
Especially the cute baby cub.
It was so adorable!
"Don't you think it's cute, Mattie!?" You yelled excitedly.
He smiled looking at you.
"Yeah....She is...."
You looked at him confused.
"How do you know it's a she?" You asked.
"B-because I've known her for years." He said stepping closer to you.
"B-hut how, it's a baby, it was just born..."
"I've known her ever since we were kids.....and I can honestly say," He cupped your cheek in his hand,
"I-I..... Je taime, [Name]." He blushed then leaned closer to you.
"I- I love you too, Mattie."
He smiled.
He kissed you full on the lips.
Next thing you heard were aaws from other couples and eews from little kids.
But you didn't care, because you had finally gotten the love of your life.
Request for :iconlooneytastic:

I hope she loves it~

One down. Many to go! :iconcutiesmileplz:
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