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November 20, 2012
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"Who's zhat!?" Gilbert as as a girl with dark make-up  and [h/l] [h/c] with some [f/c] in it, walked into the cafe.
All in all, she was hot!
"Amigo that's [Name]. Your hermano hired her yesterday." Toni said as he swept the floor.
Gilbert stared at her while he wiped tables.
Ludwig came out of his office and saw his brother watching you.
"Bruder vatch vhat jou are doing. Pay attention to jour vork!" He yelled.
You turned to look at Gilbert get lashed out by Ludwig.
Gilbert looked over Ludwig's shoulder to look at you.
You started mocking Ludwig and making faces, causing Gilbert to laugh.
When you heard his laugh you started to laugh as well.
To him your laugh sounded like angel's singing.
Ludwig looked between you two and rose an eyebrow.
Finally he sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.
"Vhatever. Just vork, Bruder." He said as he walked away.
Before Gilbert could walk over to you, Antonio caught him.
"Do you like, [Name]?" He asked.
Gilbert leaned over to the side and waved to you.
You looked at him then lightly waved your middle finger at him.
He laughed which caused you to laugh at his laugh.
"Ja. She looks awesome."
"She looks pretty tough. You sure you can handle it?"
"Of course I can! I'm awesome!"
"Your hermano and Francis might beat you to it though, amigo. "
Toni pointed to you with Ludwig and Francis fawning over you.
Gilbert growled.
"Vest! Isn't it time to open up the shop?"
Ludwig looked towards him and sighed.
He then turned back to you and said something before going to turn the sign to open.
Francis blew you a kiss and walked back to the kitchen.
You walked over to Gilbert and punched him in the arm.
"V-vhat vas zhat for?" He asked.
You turned your head to hide your blush.
"T-That's for helping me. They really were annoying."
You realized what you said and jerked your head towards Gilbert.
"Don't tell Ludwig I said that! You didn't hear anything! I didn't even come to talk to you!"
You walked fast back to the register as a group of boys walked into the cafe.
"Velcome to German Treats." You said, trying to talk in a German accent.
"How may I help jou?"
The boys looked at you and literally started drooling.
One of them wiped the side of their mouth and started talking.
"Are you on the menu?" He asked.
You smirked and leaned forward with your elbow on the counter.
"No, but I can make an exception."
They started laughing.
"Really?" He asked.
"No." You stated blankly, causing Antonio and Gilbert to chuckle.
"Now order something or get lost."
"Whatever. You aren't that hot anyway. Give me six beers."
"Sure. Hey Fancy-Pants, gimme six beers."
"Anything for you, mon cherie~!"
"$12.50." You said holding your hand out.
He pulled out a ten dollar bill and three ones.
"Here. Keep the change. Call it a tip." He chuckled.
"Wow. A whole fifty cents. Now my life is complete." You said voice full of sarcasm.
"Probably more than you make at this dump." He said causing them all to laugh.
Antonio and Gilbert stopped what they were doing and glared at them.
"You're right." You said as you grabbed the beers.
"But here's a bigger dump."
You dumped the beer all over them causing them to squeal like girls.
Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis burst out laughing while you smirked.
"Will that be all?" You innocently asked.
"We'll be back! We'll bring more people next time!" They yelled.
"Whatever." You smirked. "Come back soon!"
They ran out the door.
Gilbert and Antonio were on the floor laughing while Francis was laying his head on the counter laughing.
Ludwig came out of his office.
"Vhat is all zhis noise!?"
He looked in front of the register.
"Und vhere did zhis mess come from!?"
You walked over to him and tapped his shoulder.
"U-um...It was my fault. Please don't blame them." You said.
Ludwig looked at them then back to you.
"Alvight zhen. Bruder, clean up zhis mess."
"Antonio, vork zhe register."
"[Name], I'm sorry but as punishment jou have to go outside and hold zhe sign."
He reached behind his office door and pulled out a sign that said 'German Treats: They are fun to eat'
"Yes sir, Mr. Bossman."
You said as you grabbed the sign from him and walked outside.
Gilbert sighed as he watched you spin the sign, and growled whenever a saw a guy stop to talk to you.
After a few minutes you went inside and stood by Gilbert.
He turned to look at you and rose an eyebrow.
"Hm? Vhat is it?" He asked.
You turned your head and blushed lightly.
"I'm cold. Let me borrow your jacket." You said as you stretched your hand out to him.
"Vhy not ask zhe others?"
Your face got redder.
"B-because I wanted yours." You mumbled.
Gilbert's face turned red as he smiled.
"Ja. My name is Gilbert. I don't zhink I ever told jou. Und zhat's Toni over zhere."
He said pointing to the Spanish man at the register.
You nodded your head and slipped the jacket on.
"You already know my name?" You asked.
"J-Ja. Everyone does."
"Oh. W-Well I have to get back out there. T-Thanks for your jacket, Gil." You smiled before going back out the door.
Gilbert watched you before going to wait on another table.
*_*_*_*_*YOUR P.O.V*_*_*_*_*

I was spinning the sign when I heard familiar voices yell.
"That's her! She's the one that dumped the beer on us."
I turned and saw the boys from earlier.
"Oh how exciting. You actually came back." I sarcastically said.
A bigger version of the one that yelled stepped up to her.
"So you're the one that dumped beer on my brother and his friends?" He asked with his deep voice.
You looked up at him.
"Yeah. I'm kind of working here, so if you could just, put all that in reverse and get out my way, that would be great."

*_*_*_*_*GILBERT'S P.O.V*_*_*_*_*

"Your order vill be here in just a second." I said as I wrote down a customer's order.
I went over and told Francis the order.
'I wish [Name] was in here with me...'
"Bruder. it is time for jour break." Luddy told me.
"Danke, Vest!" I yelled as I was about to go outside with [Name].
I looked towards the window, and I swear my eyes were like dinner plates.
'Those dummkophs did come back!'
I ran out the door, but I was too late as I saw a bigger guy punch [Name].

*_*_*_*_*YOUR P.O.V*_*_*_*_*

I tried to push the guy out of the way.
The big dude wouldn't move!
Is he the Iron Giant or something!?
"I said I'm trying to work!" I yelled.
Next thing I knew, I was punched in the face.
I heard Gilbert call my name, but I chose to ignore it.
I spit out some blood that collected in my mouth and smirk.
"That's all ya got tough guy?"
He growled before pulling his fist back again.
I took this chance to run up and knee him in his groin.
When he bent down I also kneed him in his stomach, causing him to fall over.
Everything was quiet as the rest of the boys and Gilbert stared at me.
I cracked my knuckles loudly.
"Who's next?" I asked.
They all ran yelling, except for Gilbert.
"Zhat.Vas.AWESOME!" He yelled.
I stared at him before I fell to the ground laughing.
He jsut stared at me confused.
"Y-You're amazing! I-I've never laughed t-this much b-before!" I laughed out.
He smiled then crouched down in front of me.
"If jou want, I could always make jou laugh like zhat." He said then winked.
I smiled and wiped some tears from my eyes.
"Y-Yeah. I'd like that." I said as he stood up and grabbed my hand.
"Zhen come on, let's go inside, ja? Jou're freezing."
I smiled and squeezed his hand.
"Hey, [Name]?"
"I love you."

".......I love you, too."
Request for :iconthemysteriouspoet:

If it isn't shy enough or emo enough please tell me and I'll write another one or you can request a different one.
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